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Wishing and the Solutions for You Now

For an original starter, opt for a place that goes beyond the traditional office setting. Exit the meeting room and the break room. Better to think outside the box to mark the occasion! So you can say goodbye to your colleagues in a festive and friendly atmosphere. The advantage of organizing a drink outside the office also concerns alcoholic drinks. Indeed, many companies ban alcohol in the office.

We have selected the best bars to privatize to organize your departure drink. With a few clicks, you can privatize the bar of your choice for free. Something to find happiness and surprise your colleagues! Do you want to bring your cakes or your food? It’s possible. In the left search bar, in “possibility to bring”, check the boxes “his cake”, or “his food”. Also go for the best wishes here now.

Treat your colleagues to your starting drink

To get out of the traditional peanuts, bricks of orange juice and crisps scattered in cardboard plates bought at the supermarket at the bottom of your desk. The “Sweet Table” is ideal for making an impression. It is a concept coming straight from the USA and which consists of decorating a table according to the theme you have chosen. It certainly takes a little preparation, but you will surely surprise your colleagues! For example, a bright and colorful theme will make your starter pot warm and friendly. We advise you to prepare the tables in your image, without overdoing it. You can find decoration for tables at low prices in stores like Hema, Casa, Zodio or Monoprix.

Food wise, forget the Chipsters and Coca-Cola

Opt for mini-financiers, Corsican cold meats, homemade cookies, exotic fruit juices … you will make a better impression with your colleagues! Think of certain diets. If your boss is allergic to gluten, don’t forget to bring “gluten free” cakes.

You do not have time to prepare your starting pot (you are drowning in the last files …)? Two solutions are available to you to stay original:

Starting point at the office: call a caterer. You can find your happiness at reasonable prices on Room Saveurs.

Starting drink in a bar: order boards, tapas and other dishes appreciated by your colleagues in a Parisian bar privatized for the occasion.

Spoil your colleagues

During the starting drink, the tradition is to offer a gift to the person who leaves. And why not also offer a gift to your colleagues? After all, they deserve a little attention for all those good times spent with you! Certainly, a starter pot is expensive. But for less than 30 euros, it is possible to please everyone.

Thank your “ex-colleagues”

After your departure drink, a thank you email for your departure gift will be much appreciated. On your last day of work, send a thank you email to your colleagues to tell them that you were touched by their gift and delighted to have had a great time. Take the opportunity to send your personal details and some photos of the starting drink as a souvenir. Don’t forget to greet your colleagues individually by telling them a little anecdote.

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