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What Makes the Fortnite Games so Important and Popular

Perhaps we have before us a title in which its authors would never have imagined the transcendence that it would cause within online video games. Fortnite is one of those games that were born as a stroke of luck and then collapsed at the next instant, but thanks to the impeccable work of a studio as veteran within the industry as Epic Games is, it has managed to maintain and exploit all kinds to the fullest of possibilities. Fortnite enters the field of Battle Royale with personality, humor, gameplay within the reach of few and fun to say the least, to leave a mark on a genre in which it has become, at least in terms of numbers and content, the king.

The Story on Fortnite

Fortnite was not born as a Battle Royale, as it was initially conceived as a cooperative video game. The success that PUBG lived a few years ago had an impact on the jump from Fortnite to Battle Royale and the result that has been achieved as time has gone by is tremendous. For the following analysis, only this BR modality will be taken into account because it is the playable offer where the developers have invested a large amount of time, effort and, above all, talent. Use LoL Smurfs for the best results there.

The Best Titles for you

Unlike other unfortunate titles when using a Battle Royale mode with nothing to offer, the case of Fortnite is very different. Although we will fall within a map along with 99 other people where we will have to equip ourselves an arsenal that we will find throughout the entire map to be the last one standing, the title presents significant contributions to the genre. The Fortnite gunplay is really compact, but one of the differentiating features that have been exploited in Epic Games is undoubtedly the construction where the player will be able to create covers to protect themselves or ramps to gain height and take the fighting forward.

Choose The Best Options for You

  • And we don’t really exaggerate when we say that construction is one of the axes of the video game. It unfolds in a fluid and sharp way that will only be limited by the capabilities of the player. The best part? That when we believe that we have reached the ceiling in construction mechanics, there will always be something new to learn and master.

There are so many ways to use this mechanic that it is impossible to explain them all in the present analysis, but it is very comforting the fact that to obtain a victory in a game mode where 100 people participate and that it has a randomness and therefore a degree Luckily, our skills will dictate the most the course of the game and our victory, without a doubt, one of the sections that few Battle Royale manage to shine, if not say absolutely none.

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