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What Kind of Treadmill Would Suit You? We Tell You Now

Generally expressed as a percentage, the incline of a treadmill will allow you to vary your training programs by simulating uphill courses. Its use allows more muscular work (thighs, calves, glutes) and an increase in the number of calories expended. As for the elevation, a 12% incline is a good start for effective muscle work when you are a regular sportsman.

Finally, an essential point for your joints, choosing a treadmill with good cushioning is essential. The main limitation of running outdoors is often the impact it can cause on the joints. It is precisely to overcome this constraint that the treadmills are equipped with a cushioning system aimed at reducing joint trauma. Make a visit to for a perfect solution there.

Choosing a treadmill for heavy use (up to 20 hours per week)?

Suitable for trail running, marathon, fractional and hit?

Two elements must be taken into account: engine power (continuous and peak) and running surface. High-end treadmills have a peak motor of up to 5 hp and developing a maximum speed of more than 20 km / hour. As a reminder, the peak power corresponds to the maximum punctual power that your treadmill can provide. It gives an indication of the reactivity of the device during the acceleration phase.

To help you with your interval training sessions, choose a treadmill that allows you to adjust speed and incline in a single gesture, without having to enter the console menu. Finally, for your comfort, choose a treadmill with a large running surface so as not to be embarrassed in your strides. Need a professional treadmill? Make sure that the manufacturer’s warranty applies.

Which treadmill for semi-professional use (more than 20 hours per week)?

Be sure to check the warranty on your treadmill. Indeed a treadmill for regular or intensive use has a warranty in Home Fitness only. It is therefore essential to check whether the carpet can withstand semi-professional use. But what is meant by semi-professional use? Well, these are professionals who will use the treadmill. However, the carpet will not be spinning all day long. It will only be used a few hours a day. The semi-pro warranty is therefore suitable for physiotherapy firms, podiatrists, hotel or tourism professionals for example.

  • Which treadmill for your goal?
  • Are you looking for a treadmill to lose weight?
  • Did you know that the treadmill is the # 1 choice for losing weight?

Jogging sessions are often inseparable from a diet with the objective of melting fat. Particularly energy-consuming (calories), a jogging session at home will help you quickly get rid of excess calories. The greater the inclination is chosen, the more you increase your energy expenditure.

A word from the coach: On a treadmill, we often tend to follow the movement of the treadmill backwards, and not to lift our legs enough to the detriment of our stride. For an optimal stride, try lifting your knees and looking for an amplitude forward.Who says better stride, says more energy expended, says more calories burned.

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