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The Xbox Options For Better Choices in Gaming

When Microsoft announced the release of the Xbox One X is an improved Xbox One with a frightening price. And it is worth recognizing that this turned out to be true, well, at least until the advent of the Xbox Series X, which is scheduled for release in the second half of this year.

However, is this performance enough in 2020, and what did the updates give?

Yes, each game began to work much better on the One X compared to the analogue on the Xbox One and Xbox One S, and this is noticeable on any TV is although devices with 4K and HDR10 are best suited for this. However, all these changes are not so global that for the sake of them to buy an expensive game console. As with the PlayStation PS4 Pro, the Xbox One X is designed for those who need the ultimate gaming experience. Nevertheless, One X is even in 2020, the most powerful of the existing ones until the next generation of consoles. With valorant boosting you need the best deal now.

What’s inside the black box?

In terms of design, the Microsoft Xbox One X is based on the Xbox One. As Microsoft has said many times, One X is 40% smaller than the original One and roughly equivalent to One S. Therefore, these 40% can be misleading is the PS4 Pro originally had the same dimensions, and the PS4 Slim was even smaller.

The black matte finish of the case still looks better than the white of One S, which gets dirty over time. The location of the fans was also chosen correctly is the sides are covered with small holes, while the Xbox One S had several large fans that occupy half the body. Thanks to this, the X version is easier to fit with other devices without blocking the air flow.

Joystick sensitivity setting

In the vastness of the Internet walks two main opinions:

From my own experience we can say that the first option is longer. Get used to high values ​​faster and more efficiently. At first you get lost, but over time, muscle memory and fine motor skills are developed. Patience needs a lot, but there is nothing to fear. So you quickly get used to smartly manage the review without pulling the sticks all the way.

It is better to reduce the stick dead zone setting to a minimum, even if you have an arbitrary view movement (usually there is minimal movement). This setting will allow you to bring the sight at long and medium distances with virtually no movement of the stick from a neutral position.

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