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Look for Your Chances for the best Instagram View

What will be popular on Instagram in 2020? We will analyze the main trends: working with content and what chips to use, changing policies and social network algorithms, what will remain eternal, and what should not be used.Common to all laid out material will be “humanity” and values. Business and sales will be directly related to the personality, its history and preferences. No one is interested in watching content that impersonally advertises a product or service.

Users want to see how a blogger spends his morning, how he is going to work, to the gym, etc. Subscribers are interested in sincere emotions, results and values ​​that are close to them. High-quality and aesthetically pleasing, “catchy” photos of different colors will continue to be in trend.

Business needs to concentrate more not on the product and its characteristics, but on emotions and the relationship with the person. Write and show what a person will receive from your product or service.

About the Stories

What should be a story in 2020In short daily publications, users post real life, leaving the most vivid and significant photos for the tape. Naturalness is one of the trends on Instagram 2020. Stories are best suited for this. Popular publication topics:

  • lovely oversights,
  • different thoughts (story or write in text),
  • working moments,
  • daily events,
  • conversations of young children,
  • topics “before / after”,
  • archival photos,
  • polls or polls,
  • recommendations (places, people, events),

Do not forget that the main feature of the story is a vertical photo that fits perfectly into the publication. Pictures that are ruthlessly cropped in the tape can be posted in history and it will look perfect there.

Broadcasts are gaining popularity

Live on Instagram trend 2020Live broadcasts are interesting to users because they can look at what is happening “here and now.” They have no time limits (every 60 minutes restart) and they can be saved and viewed for 24 hours. Users can not only see what is happening, but also comment in the form of chat. It’s better to prepare for the broadcast in advance: to think over topics, possible answers to possible questions and it are better not to make it too long.

The reach will fall

Instagram in 2020 expects a drop in reach. They can be lifted endlessly and they will fall endlessly. This is due to the fact that the platform was created to make money. Targeted advertising brings money to the platform.

Now you have to invest more in paid advertising. Most likely, this will have to be done not only by commercial accounts, but also by bloggers. A targetologist is one of the modern demanded specialties, you can read more about it in this article. You can learn how to target here.

Advertising will be from customers Glossy advertising photo subscribers prefer real reviews and opinions. The main trend of advertising is people. Honest feedback from users, videos and photos of the workflow with the participation of employees, photos of customers in advertised clothes. Subscribers will see the sincerity and the fact that clothes, shoes, cosmetics look good on ordinary people, and not on cover models. To allow publications from customers, you can ask for a photo for a discount or a gift.

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